Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, K1 RGB LED Backlit Keyboard with 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard for PC/Laptop(White)




Introducing the K1 RGB LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, a powerful and stylish peripheral specially designed for gaming enthusiasts. This outstanding combo is meticulously crafted with precision and functionality in mind.

The keyboard features a striking white design, making it a sleek addition to any gaming setup. With its compact and ergonomic full-size layout, each key is strategically placed to enhance comfort and reduce hand fatigue during intense gaming sessions. The 104-key configuration ensures compatibility with all your gaming needs, allowing for seamless gameplay, quick response times, and effortless multitasking.

Equipped with advanced RGB LED backlighting, the K1 keyboard lets you dive into a mesmerizing world of customization. Choose from an array of vibrant lighting effects and dynamic patterns to personalize your gaming experience. With multiple brightness levels and adjustable breathing speed options, you have complete control over your gaming environment to create the perfect ambiance.

The high-quality construction of the K1 keyboard ensures durability and reliability, capable of withstanding even the most intense gaming marathons. The keys are built to last, offering a satisfying tactile feedback with every press. The anti-ghosting technology guarantees precision and accuracy, allowing for simultaneous key presses without any lag or conflicts.

To complement the exceptional keyboard, the K1 combo includes a precision gaming mouse. With its ergonomic design perfectly contoured to fit your hand, this mouse delivers exceptional grip and ultimate precision. Take advantage of its adjustable DPI (dots per inch) settings to swiftly adapt to any in-game situation. Gain an edge over your opponents with the smooth and responsive tracking, making every click count.

Connecting the K1 combo to your PC or laptop is effortless, thanks to the plug-and-play feature. No drivers or software installations are required, allowing you to start gaming right away. The braided USB cable ensures a secure and stable connection, minimizing any potential input delays.

Get ready to level up your gaming experience with the K1 RGB LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Unleash your skills, dominate the competition, and immerse yourself in a world of intense gaming action. Boost your performance and enjoy non-stop entertainment like never before.


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